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1 Decagon is a 10 sided polygon

2 Dodecagon is a 12 sided polygon

3 Degrees around a circle or any polygon add up to 360 degrees

4 Depth*height*width is the volume of a 3D prism

5 Distance around a polygon is its perimeter

6 Diameter of a circle is its largest chord passing through its centre

7 Double the radius of a circle is its diameter

8 Downward gradient of a straight line slope is negative

9 Duplicated shapes are congruent

10 Diagonals are found in polygons

11 Drawn to scale is the exact shape

12 Discriminant of a quadratic curve decides if it has any real roots

13 Duel lines that never intersect and remain equidistance apart are parallel lines

14 D as a capital letter has one line of horizontal symmetry

15 Dimensions can be 2D or 3D

16 Decimetre is 1/10 of a metre or 10 centimetres

17 Descartes was a French mathematician who created coordinated geometry

18 Door is an example of a 4 sided quadrilateral when looking at it

19 Dividing an angle equally is to bisect it

20 Disc has parallel circular faces

21 Diamonds are shaped like rhombuses

22 Dodecahedron has 12 faces

23 Decahedron has 10 faces

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Q: What are a score or more different geometry features beginning with D and their meanings?
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