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Q: What are absolute contraindications to prasugrel use?
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What are the 3 types of contraindications In Massage therapy?

embolism, fevel, lice, and contagious disease would all be absolute contraindications, while strains, sprains, broken bones, and open wounds would be local contraindications.

Does gelatin have contraindications?

no but you can use as many different things like fuel

Are there any contraindications in using both homeopathy as well as drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist?

Never , But You can use one at a time that's good I am unaware of any contraindications to homeopathy, but it has not been proven effective. There are drugs a psychiatrist can prescribe that would have contraindications.

What is the use of moriamin forte multivitamins and amino acid?

contraindications of amino acids?

Why contraindications should be considered before cutting?

what are the contraindications when cutting hair

Can you take Viagra while taking effient?

Yes. Effient is a brand name for the drug prasugrel taken to treat blood clots. When taking prasugrel drugs certain pain killers, like aspirin and ibubrofen, should be avoided, but acetaminophen like tylenol should be fine.

What are the risks from a vena cava filter?

Use of a VCF is primarily indicated if there are contraindications for anticoagulation therapy.

What are contraindications of laxatives?

Some contraindications for laxatives are: Rectal bleeding, vomiting, appendicitis, and abdominal pain.

How do you pronounce contraindications?


What is the definition of the word contraindications?

The meaning of "Contraindications" is when the carrying out of a procedure in medicine, or a drug being administered to someone in deemed inadvisable.

Factors in the patients condition that prevent the use of a particular drug or treatment?

Factors that may prevent the use of a particular drug or treatment can include allergies or adverse reactions to the drug, pre-existing medical conditions that interact negatively with the treatment, drug interactions with other medications the patient is taking, and contraindications based on the patient's age, pregnancy status, or other specific factors.

How do you use Absolute Power in a sentence?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.