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Q: What are all attributes of a square?
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Does a square have all the attributes of a rhombus?


Does a rectangle have all the same attributes as a square?

No. All of a square's sides are the same size.

Do squares have attributes of a rhombus?

Yes, a square has all the attributes of a rhombus because a square is a rhombus. It is merely a special case of a rhombus with eall equal sides and all 90 degree angles.

What are some other attributes for a square?


What are 4 attributes of a square?

4 sides Each side is of equal length All corners 90 degrees

What are attributes of a square?

A square has 2 pairs of parallel sides and opposite sides are equal.

What is text attributes?

Text attributes are the characteristics of text. Font, size, and style are all attributes of text.

List three attributes of a square?

1) All sides are the same length 2) All angles are 90 degrees or right angles. 3) Opposite sides are parallel.

What are 4 attributes of a rhombus?

1. All 4 sides same length 2. Is a parallelogram 3. Opposite angles are equal 4. Can be a square if all angles are 90°

What are five attributes of a square?

It is a polygon. It has four sides of equal length. It has four angles which are all right angles. Its two diagonals bisect each other at right angles. Its area is the square of the length of its side.

What type of graph shows attributes?

All graphs show attributes. Some attributes may be qualitative, others quantitative.

What quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel and equal in length?

a square and a rhombus share these attributes