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Is it only 890 and 891

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Q: What are all of the 3-digit numbers if the hundreds digit is greater than 7 the tens is 1 more than the hundreds digit and the ones digit is less than 2?
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What is the answer for you are a 3digit odd number your tens digit is 1 less than your hundreds digit but 2 more than your ones digitThe sum of your digit is 20 Who are you?


What is this number.the hundreds digit is twice the ones digit the tens digit is one greater than the hundreds digit the ones digit is an even number?

452, 894. None other that I can think of

How is multiplying by 3 digit number similar to multiplying by 1 digit number?


Four digit number greater than 9000 hundreds digit is twice the tens digit ones digit is greater than the tens digit the sum of the digits is twenty?

9218 9425

The sum of your digits is 13 your hundreds digit minus the ones digit equals 3 No digit is greater than 7 What number are you?

It can be one of six numbers: 724, 643, 562, 427, 346, 265

What is the possible 3digit winning combination for 11amdraw in swertries pcso today-?

There is no way to know what the 3 digit winning combination is. You can try to use your favorite numbers or lucky numbers to win.

How do you round 261 to the nearest hundred?

Look at the digit in tens place. If it is 5 or greater, round the digit in hundreds place to the next higher digit. If the digit in tens place is less than 5, leave the digit in hundreds place as it is. Change all the numbers to the right of the hundreds place to zeros. 261 rounded to the nearest hundred is 300.

What is the nearest hundred for 14494?

The digit after the hundreds digit is 9 which is greater than or equal to 5, so add 1 to the hundreds digit: 14494 → 14500 to the nearest hundred.

How many two digit numbers are there in which the tens digit is greater than the ones digit?

There are 45 of them.

How many 2-digit numbers are there in which the one digit in greater than tens digit?


What are two three digit numbers the tens digit is half the hundreds digit and the ones digit is half the tens digit?

421 and 842

How many 2 digit prime numbers are there whose unit digit is greater its tens digit?


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