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What is the volume of a rectangular block that is 4cm wide and 2 cm high?

It is not possible to answer the question. The volume of a rectangular block requires the measure of three lengths - not 2 as given in the question.

How much fencing is needed for a rectangular goat pen that is 12 feet by 16 feet?

To figure this out, simply add the distance on each side of the pen. For a rectangular pen you will have two sets of sides that are the same length. Therefore, for this pen, you will need two lengths of fence 12 feet long and two lengths of fence 16 feet long - a total of 56 feet.

What are the measurements of a room that is 188 square feet?

The set of rooms which fit the criterion listed above may be found by assigning the independent variables x and y to the two lengths of the room such that xy = 188 and thus y = 188/x. This graph has a domain of R+ (since lengths must be positive) and is a rectangular hyperbola. One possible dimension which satisfies this relationship is (4,47).

What is the surface area of a rectangular prism of 2in times 4in times 2in times 4in?

A rectangular prism has three linear measures: length, breadth and height. There are four lengths given in the question, which is not possible.

What is the volum of a rectangular prism?

To compute it, you have to know the lengths of the sides.

What are the possible perimeter lengths and widths of that the 30 feet rectangular shaped garden?

Since the question asks about the perimeter, lengths and widths, it is not clear what the 30 feet measure, which is given in the question, refers to! Without that information, it is impossible to answer the question.

How do you find the height for a rectangular prism with the giving lengths and widths?

You cannot. The lengths and widths are not sufficient information to determine the height.

How many vertical lines does a rectangular prism have?

rectangular prism is a 3D structure with 4 lengths 4 widths 4 heights

How can a cube and a rectangular prism be different?

A cube is different to a rectangular prism because in a cube all the edges have to be equal in length, where's in a rectangular prism the edges can be of various lengths.

How do you calculate the amount of liters in a rectangular box?

You multiply the 3 lengths of the box.

Mr. Anders want to put a fence around his backyard. His backyard is rectangular. The lengths of the sides are 75 yards 45 yards 75 yards and 45 yards. How much fencing will Mr Anders need?

240 yards

Which solid figure has 6 rectangular faces 8 vertices and 12 edges?

A rectangular prism with all different lengths, width, and height.

What is the dimension of 288 square inches?

The dimensions for 288 sq inches is [L2], that is the square of lengths.

What is the difference between a rectangular cube and a rectangular prism?

Cuboid has all the same size lengths on the square size, the rectangular prism has only 2 of one size, and 2 lengths of another size. A cube is a "rectangle" with all the sides the same size. Basically a square instead of a rectangle, with a 3-D view.

What are the changes that occur in the volume when the side lengths of the base of a rectangular prism are doubled?

The volume of any solid is proportional to each of its three dimensions.So if one dimension is doubled, the volume increases by the factor of 21 = 2 .And if two dimensions are doubled, the volume increases by the factor of 22 = 4 .And if each dimension is doubled, the volume increases by the factor of 23 = 8.

What is the surface area of a rectangular prism with the lengths of 10Cm 2Cm and 3Cm?

112 cm squared

what- A triangle has side lengths 0.87 m and 0.23 m.What is the range of possible side lengths for the third side, x?


what- possible side lengths for a rectangular frame are 6 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches.If all measurements are whole numbers, which dimensions can be used to frame a picture that has an area between 45 and 50 square inches?

6 in. by 8 in., 10 in. by 5 in., 12 in. by 4 in.

What is the volume of a rectangular prism with side lengths 15.8 m 24.5 m and 4.2 m round to the nearest cubic meter?

The volume of a rectangular prism with side lengths 15.8 m 24.5 m and 4.2 m, rounded to the nearest cubic meter, is 1626m3

Why are lengths measured in linear units?

Because length is one dimension, thus it's measured in linear units.

How can you use rectangular models of a number to list its factors?

If you can compile a complete list of all different rectangular models with sides of integer length for a number then their lengths and breadths represent its factors.

What if you have two modal lengths?

They you have two modal lengths. It is quite possible to have none, one or many modes.

The ratio of corresponding side lengths of two similar rectangular tables is 4 5 what is the ratio of perimeter?

It is the same.

How do you find the perimeter of base for rectangular prisms?

Add up all of the lengths of the edges adjacent to one of the bases.

Is it possible to build a triangle with side lengths of 5 7 and 11?

yes it is possible.