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(largest) kilo(-meter,-liter,-gram)



unit= (meter,liter,gram)



(smallest) milli(-meter,-liter,-gram)

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Q: What are all the metric units for measuring length?
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Is a meterstick a metric unit?

No a meterstick is a tool used for measuring..mass, volume, time, length, and temperature are all metric units

All metric units of length are based on multiples of what?


What are 4 metric units for length?

All lengths are measured in metres.

What metric measurements should you use when measuring the length of an object?

It all depends on the objects.

What are all units for measuring distance in the metric sysetm?

(the meter) x (any power of 10)

What are the units for measuring mass in the metric system?

The basic unit of mass in the metric system is the kilogram. All the others are multiples or fractions of a kilogram.

What are the units used for measuring length?

In the metric system, meters and all derived units measure length. In the U.S. Standard system, inches, feet, yards, and miles are the units of length. The metric system is used widely in Europe and Asia. * * * * * Europe, Asis and everywhere else apart from the USA, Burma, Liberia and some minor islands. Even in the USA, the scientific community uses metric units, or, when they don't, they cause catastrophic disasters (the fate of the Mars Climate Orbiter springs to mind!)

What are the basic metric units and what do they measure?

kilogram . . . mass meter . . . . . length second . . . . time coulomb . . . electric charge All of the other SI (metric) units are combinations of these.

What are the basic measurements in the metric system?

The basic units in the metric system are: Mass . . . . . Kilogram Length. . . . Meter Time. . . . . . Second Charge. . . . Coulomb All other units are combinations of these.

What metric units are used to measure length?

the meter, along with all of its decade multiples and sub-multiples

What are the different measurements used in the metric system?

The metric system uses the following units: For mass: Kilogram For length: Meter For time: Second For charge: Coulomb All of the other units are derived from these.

What are centimeters meters and kilometers examples of?

Centimetres, metres and kilometres are all examples of metric units for measuring lengths/distances/heights.

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