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There are an infinite number of different polygons,

and some have them have more than one name.

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Q: What are all the names of a polygons and show a picture of it above the name?
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Names of other polygon and where the names of polygons name came from?

they came from how many sides are on the polygon

What are names of the polygons and their sides and angles?

There are infinitely many polygons so it would be impossible to name them all. For the names of those with a fewer sides see the related link.

What is another name for a 2D shape?

A rectangle is one of many names in the classification of 2D shapes as are polygons

What shapes come after nonagon?

Not all polygons have an 'official' name. It is quite acceptable to call a polygon using the number of sides it has. For example a 101ogon. There is a list of some polygons names listed in the related question.

What is the name of the silhouette picture including numbers with names refering to a group photograph?

Picture legends

What are the names of shapes with more than 10 sides?

There is no specific name for such shapes.

What is the name of a twenty-two edges polygon?

The name of a twenty-two edged polygon is an icosikaidigon. Please see the link for a list of names for neighboring polygons.

What is the name of a 37-gon?

Not all polygons have names and it is quite acceptable to call one of an unknown specific name a n-gon. Where n is the number of sides.

How do you call a 22 sided polygon?

icosikaidi is the name for a 22 sided polygon. For a list of the names for polygons, see the related link.

What shapes are four-sided polygons that can have more than one name?

All of them are both quadrilaterals and quadrangles. That's two names!

what is the name of polygons you given to a shape?

There are lots of different types of polygons Polygons are classified into various types based on the number of sides and measures of the angles.: Regular Polygons Irregular Polygons Concave Polygons Convex Polygons Trigons Quadrilateral Polygons Pentagon Polygons Hexagon Polygons Equilateral Polygons Equiangular Polygons

Why each letter in polygons name used only once?

polygons are polygons u willl find the answer here trust me each letter in polygons name used only once because it is a word