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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What are all the numbers to a divion problem called?
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What are all the numbers in an addition problem called?


What are all numbers greater then 0 called?

All numbers greater than 0 are called positive numbers.

The uncontrolled divion of cells may result in?

a uncontrolled divion in the cell may increase the amount of cells at a super fast rate, this will inturn form a giant being, with it being divion cells which were formed in the depths of the volcano of azerath, they will surley build up into a reincarnation of a t-rex with the powers of harry potter. With the t-rexes magical powers he will conquer us all and the world will result in an armogeddon.

How do you find the mean in a math problem?

Add all of the numbers then divide them by how many numbers there are.

What is the median to a math problem?

the average. all you have to do is is add all the numbers and then divide it by the number of numbers there are and that is your median.

What does a word problem using rational number and its solution mean?

It means that either the numbers involved in the word problem are all rational or that any irrational numbers are being approximated by rational numbers.

How do you solve a clustering problem in math?

When you round up all the numbers to a number that they are all close to and multiply how many numbers there are by the rounded number.

What is it called when all the prime numbers that make a given number called?

i think prime numbers

What are numbers called?

Those are all square numbers.

What are not prime or composite numbers called?

There is no specific name. Such numbers include all irrational numbers, all non-integral rational numbers, 0 and 1.

What numbers are set of all rational and irrational numbers called?

All rational numbers can be expressed as fractions whereas irrational numbers can't be expressed as fractions.

What is the set of all rational and irrational numbers called?

Real numbers

What is the set of whole numbers and their opposites called?

Assuming that you mean opposites (rather than oppisites), the answer will depend on what kind of opposites: additive opposites or multiplicative opposites.In the first case you have the same set as you started with: whole numbers.In the second, you will have the set that consists of the union ofall whole numbers,all unit fractions between -1 and +1. But, you have a problem with zero: its multiplicative opposite is not defined.

Why is long division called long division?

It is called long division because you write down all the numbers for each step to solve the problem and for large numbers there is a lot of writing down. There is a technique called short division which is similar but is more mental, not requiring all the long division steps. But it is usually done only when you are dividing by a small number less than 10, so it is not that useful.

Definition of mean in math?

The meaning of mean is all the numbers added up and then divided by however many numbers there are.Mean- you add all the numbers up then divide the number of number their are in the problem.

What are all the multiples of 2 called?

Even numbers

How do you solve a problem with range?

add all number and divide its total of the numbers

What are all the even numbers called?

numbers! An endless string or 'series' of even numbers!

What are all the numbers divisible by 2 except 2 itself?

The numbers divisible by 2 are called the even numbers. There is no special name for "all even numbers except 2".

How do you find the average in a problem?

The average of a group of numbers is(the sum of all the numbers in the group)/(how many numbers there are in the group)

What are all the numbers that are not prime numbers called?

They are the composite numbers, products of primes and their multiples. All even numbers are composite, except the number two (2) which is prime.

What is all the numbers after 1?

A list of ll such numbers would be called an infinite series

What does line mean in math form?

the mean (in math) is the average of all the numbers in the problem

Why aren't rational numbers called integers?

because not all rational numbers are integers, recurring numbers, numbers to 1 decimal place and fractions are rational as well but all integers are rational

How do you do a math prob using mean?

You take all the numbers on your problem, then add them all up. Then divide by the number of factors you have.