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No odd numbers are multiples of 4.

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Q: What are all the odd numbers up to 5000 that are multiples of 4?
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Why are all multiples of 3 odd and even?

The multiples of all odd numbers are odd and even. Odd x odd = odd. Odd x even = even. Since odd and even numbers alternate, the multiples will alternate as well.

All multiples of odd natural number can be written as the sum of consecutive natural numbers?

No. Odd numbers can be written as the sum of consecutive integers, but some multiples of odd numbers are even.

What are the odd natural numbers in multiples of 10?

Multiples of 10 are all even numbers.

Are all odd number divisible by 5?

No. Only odd numbers that are multiples of five.

How many multiples of 7 are odd numbers?

odd multiples of 7 are odd numbers.. like 7*1, 7*3,7*5..

Are The multiples are odd numbers always?


Numbers less than 50 are prime odd and multiples of 10?

Numbers that are prime can't be multiples of 10. Multiples of 10 can't be odd.

Odd numbers with a multiple of 3 and not a factor of 8?

All odd multiples of 3 are not factors of 8.

What is the sum of all the odd numbers between 1-100?


Multiple of 6 is a odd number?

All multiples of 6 are even numbers.

Why all multiples of odd natural numbers other than multiples of 1 can be written as the sum of consecutive natural numbers?

That isn't true.

Is all multiples of 5 even numbers?

No as 5, 15 and an infinite amount of other multiples of 5 are odd

Are the multiples of an odd number always odd?

The multiples of ODD numbers by ODD numbers are ODD. (e.g. 1 x 3, 3 x 3, 5 x 3) Multiplying any number by an EVEN number produces an EVEN number.

How many two digit numbers are not multiples of 2?

All of the odd numbers between 11 and 99 inclusive are two digit numbers that are not multiples of 2. There are 45 of them.

How many multiples of 9 are odd numbers?

An infinite number. There are an infinite number of odd numbers and the multiple of nine with each one of them is odd. So there are an infinite number of odd multiples of 9.

What 4 numbers are multiples of 5 all numbers are odd their sum is 80 what are the numbers?

5, 15, 25, 35

What is the set of odd numbers that are multiples of 10?

That's a null set. All multiples of 10 are even.

What numbers under 100 have at least a 2 or 5 in their prime factorization?

All the even numbers and all the odd multiples of 5.

Are there any numbers that have only odd multiples?

No No

Is the multiples of 6 a odd even prime numbers or a even coposits numbers?

Multiples of 6 are even composite numbers.

Why aren't all odd numbers divisible by 3?

Because not all odd numbers are multiples of 3 - I have shown you below that this is the case and you can see some multiples of 3 are even and some are odd and you can also see that there are even and odd numbers BETWEEN the multiples of 3. 1 (odd) 2 (even) 1*3 =3 (odd) 4 (even) 5 (odd) 2*3 = 6 (even) 7 (odd) 8 (even) 3*3 = 9 (odd) 10 (even) 11 (odd) 4*3 = 12 (even)

Are all multiples of 3 odd?

No - alternate multiples of 3 are odd, and alternate multiples are even.

Is 43 an odd or even number?

43 is an odd number and it is also a prime number

Are multiples of odd numbers always odd?

No. Double any odd number. The result is even.

Do all odd numbers have other odd numbers as their factors?

Yes, the factors of all odd numbers are odd numbers.