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19 + 79, 31 + 67 and 37 + 61

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Q: What are all the pairs of prime numbers that equal 98?
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What are all the pairs of prime numbers that are consecutive numbers?

The numbers 2 and 3 are consecutive prime numbers. Are there other pairs of prime numbers which are consecutive numbers?

Are there any pairs of prime numbers that when multiplied do not make their least common multiple?

The product of all pairs of prime numbers is always the least common multiple of the two prime numbers.

What are all prime numbers that equal 70?


Which numbers have a prime factorization that are all equal?

Any prime number raised to a power.

What prime numbers equal 168?

the prime numbers that equal 168 is 2*2*2*3*7 and also Here is a table of all prime numbers up to 1,000:2357111317192329313741434753596167717379838997101103107109113127131137139149151157163167173179181191193197199211223227229233239241251257263269271277281283293307311313317331337347349353359367373379383389397401409419421431433439443449457461463467479487491499503509521523541547557563569571577587593599601607613617619631641643647653659661673677683691701709719727733739743751757761769773787797809811821823827829839853857859863877881883887907911919929937941947953967971977983991997

What two prime numbers equal 87?

All prime numbers except for 2 are odd. The sum of any two odd numbers is even. Therefore, unless 85 is prime (it's not) or -2 is, (it's not) there aren't two prime numbers that will equal 87.

What are three different prime numbers that sum to 18?

2, 3, and 13 are all prime numbers and their sum is equal to 18.

How many pairs of prime numbers have a difference of 3?

Only 1 pair of prime numbers, 2 and 5, have a difference of 3. All prime numbers greater than 2 are odd so will have an even difference.

Find all pairs of consecutive prime numbers?

The only two consecutive numbers that are both prime are 2 and 3. Since there are no other even prime numbers (other than 2), there are no more pairs of consecutive prime numbers. Therefore, the term "twin primes" usually refers to pairs of prime numbers that are 2 numbers apart. Examples are (3, 5), (5, 7), (11, 13), (101, 103), and many others more. It is not currently know whether there are infinitely many twin primes.

What is true about all three pairs numbers 3 and 53 and 7 and 5 and 8?

They are relatively prime.

What are all the composite numbers between 50 and 100 that are relatively prime?

A single number cannot be relatively prime. Any pair of numbers between 50 and 100 of which one is a prime will be relatively prime. There are 728 pairs of numbers that are relatively prime and I have neither the time nor patience to list them all!

What 3 prime numbers equal 41 when added together?

5 + 13 + 23 = 41 all of these numbers are prime numbers. Hope this helped! ;d

What are all of the twin prime numbers?

There are an infinite number of pairs of prime two apart, classified as "twin primes". For lists, see the link.

Do all numbers have a prime factorization?

All composite numbers do. All prime numbers are already prime.

What is a step diagram for prime factors?

it is a way of finding out all of the prime numbers that you have to multiply to equal the desired number.

What are all the pairs of prime numbers that add up to 40?

37 and 3 29 and 11 23 and 17

What 3 prime numbers equal 43?

11+13+19=43 all are prime numbers and these are the only three that are above 7 and work.

What are the all prime numbers?

2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59,61,67,71,73,79,83,89,97 these are all the prime numbers

How do you get the prime numbers with calculator?

There is no simple answer because there is no known pattern to prime numbers. You could try dividing the each number by all the prime numbers less than or equal to its square root. If none of the go into the number then it is a prime.

Are all prime numbers odd numbers?

All prime numbers are odd with the only exception of the prime number 2. However, not all odd numbers are prime.

What two prime numbers equal 741 when multiplied?

741 results from the following multiplications of two numbers: 1 * 741 (1 is not prime) 3 * 247 (247 is not prime) 13 * 57 (57 is not prime) 19 * 39 (39 is not prime) There are no two prime numbers that when multiplied equal 741. 3 * 13 * 19 equals 741, and all three of those numbers are prime.

What 3 prime numbers equal 245?

Factorization of 245 = 5*7*7, all of them is prime and their count is 3.

What two numbers multiplied together equal 24 and if you add those two numbers together they equal 19?


How do you get the prime factorization of 93 explain?

The prime factorization of a number is all the prime numbers which, when multiplied by each other, equal the number. The prime factorization of 93 is 3 x 31, because 3 and 31 are both prime numbers which, when multiplied by each other equal 93.

Are prime numbers rational numbers?

All prime numbers are rational.