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a triangular prism have 5-faces,9-edges and 6-vertices

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Q: What are all the properties of a triangular prism?
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What is the properties of the triangular prism?

Prism-like and triangular.

What are the properties for a triangular prism?

Has 5 faces Has 6 vertices

What is the strongest prism?

Triangular prism all the way!

What are the properties of triangular prism?

6 vertices 9 edges 5 faces

What does a triangular prism have that rectangular prism does not have?

a triangular prism has to triangular bases while a rectangular prism has a rectangle as the bases.

What prism has triangular bases?

A triangular prism

What are the names of all prisms?

Triangular Prism Rectangular Prism Polygonal Prism Hexagonal Prism

Which properties describe a triangular prism?

9 edges, 5 faces, 6 vertices

How are a triangular prism and a rectangular prism are they different?

a triangular prism is different from a rectangular prism because: their names are different a triangular prism has a triangle for its' base a rectangular prism has a rectangle base a triangular prism has less sides than a rectangular prism a rectangular prism has more sides than a triangular prism

Which has more sides a triangular pyramid or a triangular prism?

A triangular prism.

What shape does a triangular prism have than a rectangular prism does not have?

A triangular prism has two triangular faces, a rectangular prism does not have any.

What is another name for a triangular based prism?

You can call it a "triangular prism" rather than "triangular based prism" ... saying a prism is "triangular" imply that the base is a triangle. There's no other name that I know of. A prism is just a 3d shape, so all you have to say is <type of shape> + prism to get the point across.