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They are on opposite sides of the transversal line that cuts through parallel lines and they are equal in size
Alternate equal angles are formed when a transversal line cuts through parallel lines.

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Yes. Alternate interior and alternate exterior angles are congruent.

alternate interior and alternate exterior angles

Alternate angles on the transversal line are equal

They are 4 alternate interior angles.

Yes. "Alternate interior" angles are always interior. Angles that are not interior as well as alternate are never accurately described as "alternate interior" angles.

Alternate angles are where two parallel lines have a line through them.

Alternate interior angles are nonadjacent interior angles on opposite sides of the transversal.They are the equal alternate angles that lie on the transversal line that passes through parallel lines

Both alternate interior and alternate exterior angle pairs lie on opposite sides of the transversal.

The lines are parallel. The only time you will see correpsonding, alternate interior, and alternate exterior angles is with a parallel transversal line.

When a line transverses parallel lines the alternate exterior angles of that line are equal

Alternate interior angles are equal on a transversal that passes through parallel lines.

They are equal alternate angles

Alternate angles are equal

No. They are congruent. However, if one of the alternate angles is equal to 45, yes they would be complementary, but otherwise, no.

F for corresponding angles and Z for alternate angles

because they do'nt lie on the same side of the trasversal!!

Probably not. There's no such thing as angles that are parallel.

1. Alternate Interior Angles 2. Alternate Exterior Angles 3. Corresponding Angles 4. Same-Side Interior Angles 5. Same-Side Exterior Angles

Parallel lines cut by a transversal form congruent alternate interior angles.

When parallel lines are cut through by a transversal line the alternate angles are equal

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