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Q: What are characteristics for a numberline?
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What is 3x35 on a numberline?

It is 105.

Where is the origin on a numberline?

It is at zero = 0

What does a numberline with fractions look like?

A ruler

Where would 0.45 be on a numberline?

In the middle of 0.4 and 0.5

Which number is between 65 and 70?

make a numberline

What is a division sentence with a numberline?

ambot nimo lolo nimo

Where do you see 49 in real life?

You ca see it no a numberline]

What are the spaces between two integers called on a numberline?

They are unit intervals.

How many units do you have to count from -1 to get to 3 on a numberline?

4 units

Why is a timeline and a numberline similar?

beacause they both go chronological order

What fraction comes after zero on the numberline?


what is the sum to -9 + {-3} and if you can could u use a numberline to verify the answer?