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It is one value expressed as a proportion of another. The only requirement is that the second of these must not be 0. The two values need not be integers, nor rational.

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Q: What are characteristics of a ratio?
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What characteristics of a ratio define it as a rate?

When the second element of the ratio is 1.

What is phenotypic ratio?

It is the ratio of physical characteristics of parents and the potential offspring traits. It is the ratio of physical characteristics of parents and the potential offspring traits.

What is the actual ratio of the phenotypic characteristics red 93 white 36?

Monohybrid ratio i. e. 3 : 1

Define measurement and characteristics of measurement?

Define these Levels of Measurement.NominalOrdinalInterval/Ratio

What are derived characteristics from Hominins?

Bipedalism. Brain to body ratio. Language. Hairless.

What are the characteristics of instrumentation amplifier?

a high common mode rejection ratio, high impedance

What is the ratio of dominant traits to recessive traits to each characteristics is about out?

The ratio of dominant traits to recessive traits in a given characteristic depends on the specific genetic makeup of the individual. In general, dominant traits are more commonly expressed than recessive traits. However, the ratio can vary depending on the specific traits being considered and the inheritance patterns involved.

What are the defining characteristics of the Ratio Level of Measurement?

Equal intervals between points of that scale and a true zero

Op-amp characteristics of ac and dc?

dc characteristics:- 1.input off set voltage, 2. input bias current, Ac characteristics:- 1, commen mode rejection ratio, 2. slew rate

What is the characteristics of isocost?

l Characteristics of isocost curves:Ø An infinite number of isocost curves exist. One for each level of total cost.Ø The slope of the isocost curve is equal to the negative of the relative input price ratio, . This ratio is important because it tells the manager how much capital must be given up if 1 more unit of labor is purchased.

What are performance characteristics of a transformer?

The properties of an 'ideal' transformer are (1) voltage ratio equals turns ration, (2) no losses.

What is the level of measurement of age?

Age is a ratio-scale variable. The properties of the ratio-level data are: # Data classifications are ordered according to the amount of the characteristics they possess. # Equal differences in the characteristics are represented by equal differences in the numbers assigned to the classifications. # The zero point is the absense of the characteristics and the ratio between two numbers is meaningful. Say for example a 20-year-old and a 40-year-old man. You can say that the 40-year-old is twice as old as the 20-year-old. This shows that the difference is meaningful.