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Q: What are characteristics of pots from the geometric period?
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What are three characteristics typical of vase decorationfrom the Geometric period?

abstract motifs, shapes, and horizontal bands whoo APAH

What are the geometric characteristics of diamonds?

A raw diamond has these geometric characteristics: its crystal habit is octahedral, and its crystal system is isometric-hexoctahedral (cubic).

How were the pots used by harappans different from those used in the megalithic period?

the pots used by harappans were made up of terracotta and the pots used by megalithic period people was made of clay

What are biodegradable plant pots?

They are pots that will turn into dirt after a period of time has pasted, more health for the environment.

What are the geometric characteristics of a circle ellipse parabola and hyperbola?

They are all conic sections.

Characteristics of Asian art?

the characteristics of an Asian arts are: ceramics or pots/clay paintings songs/folk song dance sculpture that's all I remember^__^

Which characteristics best describes Aaron douglass’s painting song of the towers?

Abstract and geometric

What is the Definition of datums?

a theoretically exact point, axis, or plane derived from the true geometric counterpart of a specified datum feature. A datum is the origin from which the location or geometric characteristics of features of a part are established.

Why was the Jomon period important?

marking clay pots and figures.jomon was callef "clay-patterned."

What is Geometric Boundary?

A geometric boundary refers to a division between two areas of land based on physical features such as mountains, rivers, or latitude and longitude lines. These boundaries are usually easily identified on a map due to their clear and distinct geometric characteristics.

What statement describes the characteristics a of Persian carpets?

Weavers used geometric and floral patterns to create symmetrical designs.

Three geometric solids which have circular characteristics?

1. Sphere, 2. Hemisphere, 3. Cylinder, 4. Cone