What are composite mills?

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Q: What are composite mills?
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Mills College's 2014 25th-75th percentile ACT Composite Scores are 23-27, meaning 25% of students scored 23 or lower on the ACT Composite Score, and 75% of students scored 27 or lower (i.e. 25% of students scored 27 or higher).

Is 44 a prime or composite composite numbermber?

It is composite.

How many sugar mills are in Pakistan?

In Pakistan Sugar mills are given belowMill's NameLocation / DistrictPunjabAbdullah Sugar Mills LimitedDepalpur / OkaraAbdullah (Shahpur)Sargodha / SargodhaAdamBahawalnagar / BahawalnagarAshraf Sugar Mills LimitedAshrafabad / BahawalpurBaba Farid Sugar Mills LimitedOkara / OkaraBrothers Sugar Mills LimitedChunian / KasurChanar Sugar Mills LimitedFaisalabadChaudhry Sugar Mills LimitedToba Tek SinghChishtia Sugar Mills LimitedSargodhaColony Sugar Mills Limited (Phalia)Mandi BahauddinColony Sugar Mills Limited (Mian Channu, Punjab)KhanewalCrescent Sugar Mills LimitedFaisalabadEtihad Sugar Mills LimitedRahim Yar KhanFatima Sugar Mills LimitedMuzaffargarhFecto Sugar Mills LimitedBhakkarGojra Samundri Sugar Mills LimitedFaisalabadGunj Bakhsh Sugar Mills Limited (Pasrur) [Not Operating]SialkotHamza Sugar Mills LimitedRahim Yar KhanHaq Bahu Sugar Mills LimitedJhangHaseeb Waqas Sugar Mills LimitedNankana Sahib (Sheikhupura)Huda (Fauji) Sugar Mills LimitedNankana Sahib (Sheikhupura)Hunza Sugar Mills LimitedFaisalabadHusein Sugar Mills LimitedFaisalabadIndus Sugar Mills LimitedRajan PurIttefaq Sugar Mills LimitedPakPattanJDW Sugar Mills LimitedRahim Yar KhanJDW-II (United) Sugar Mills LimitedRahim Yar KhanKamalia Sugar Mills LimitedToba Tek SinghKashmir Sugar Mills LimitedJhangKohinoor Sugar Mills LimitedKhushabLayyah Sugar Mills LimitedLayyahMadina Sugar & Chemicals (Pvt) LtdJhangMacca Sugar Mills LimitedKasurNational Sugar Industries LimitedSargodhaNoon Sugar Mills LimitedSargodhaSafina Sugar Mills Limitd (Pharian Wali)JhangPattoki Sugar Mills LimitedKasurRamzan Sugar Mills LimitedJhangRYK Sugar Mills LimitedRahim Yar KhanShahtaj Sugar Mills LimitedMandi BahauddinShakarganj Mills Limited - IJhangShakarganj Mills Limited - IIBhoneSheikhoo Sugar Mills LimitedMuzaffargarhTandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited Unit - IFaisalabadTandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited Unit - IIMuzaffargarhKhyber PakhtunkhwaAl-Moiz Sugar Mills LimitedDera Ismail KhanChashma Sugar Mills LimitedDera Ismail KhanChashma Sugar Mills Limited ExpansionDera Ismail KhanFrontier Sugar Mills Limited [Not Operating]MardanKhazana Sugar Mills LimitedPeshawarPremier Sugar Mills LimitedMardanTandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited (Zamand)Dera Ismail KhanBannu Sugar Mills LimitedBannuSindhAl-Abbas Sugar Mills LimitedMirpurkhasAbdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Limited (Al-Asif)ThattaAl-Noor Sugar Mills LimitedNawabshahAnsari Sugar Mills LimitedTando Muhammad KhanArmy Welfare Sugar Mills LimitedBadinBawany Sugar Mills LimitedBadinDewan Sugar Mills Limited (Khoski)ThattaDigri Sugar Mills LimitedMirpurkhasFaran Sugar Mills LimitedHyderabadJDW-III Sugar Mills Limited (Ghotki)GhotkiHabib Sugar Mills LimitedNawabshahKhairpur Sugar Mills LimitedKhairpurLarr Sugar Mills LimitedThattaMatiari Sugar Mills LimitedHyderabadMehran Sugar Mills LimitedHyderabadMirpurkhas Sugar Mills LimitedMirpurkhasMirza Sugar Mills LimitedTappo BadinNajma Sugar Mills LimitedMirpurkhasNaudero Sugar Mills LimitedLarkanaNew Dadu Sugar Mills LimitedDaduPangrio Sugar Mills LimitedBadinRanipur Sugar Mills LimitedKhairpurSakrand Sugar Mills LimitedNawabshahSanghar Sugar Mills LimitedSangharSeri Sugar Mills LimitedHyderabadShahmurad Sugar Mills LimitedThattaSindh Abadgar's Sugar Mills LimitedHyderabadTMK Sugar Mills LimitedHyderabadSGM Sugar Mills Limited (Sardar Ghulam Mohammad)Tharparkar Sugar Mills LimitedMirpurkhas

What is a list of prime numbers and composite numbers?

It would be impossible to list them all, since numbers go on forever, but here are some of them: 2 - Prime 3 - Prime 4 - Composite 5 - Prime 6 - Composite 7 - Prime 8 - Composite 9 - Composite 10 - Composite 11 - Prime 12 - Composite 13 - Prime 14 - Composite 15 - Composite 16 - Composite 17 - Prime 18 - Composite 19 - Prime 20 - Composite 21 - Composite 22 - Composite 23 - Prime 24 - Composite 25 - Composite 26 - Composite 27 - Composite 28 - Composite 29 - Prime 30 - Composite 31 - Prime 32 - Composite 33 - Composite 34 - Composite 35 - Composite 36 - Composite 37 - Prime 38 - Composite 39 - Composite 40 - Composite 41 - Prime 42 - Composite 43 - Prime 44 - Composite 45 - Composite 46 - Composite 47 - Prime 48 - Composite 49 - Composite 50 - Composite

Why is new mills called new mills?

because it was called mills =)

Is 1226 a prime or composite?


Is 292 composite or prime?


Is 681 prime or composite?


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Is 737 a prime or not a composite?

It is a composite.

Is 25 a prime or composite?

composite composite

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