What are conics in mathematics?

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Maybe you mean connics? Conics are shape of graphs. They get their name because they are all parts of a cone sliced in different directions. Some examples are lines, parabolas, hyperbolas, circles, ellipses, points...

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Q: What are conics in mathematics?
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Ralph A. Roberts has written: 'A Collection Of Examples And Problems On Conics And Some Of The Higher Plane Curves' 'A Collection Of Examples On The Analytical Geometry Of Plane Conics'

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circles, ellipses conics which are formed by cutting a cone with a plane not passing through its nappus

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What are conics?

Conics, or conic sections, are the intersection of a plane with an infinite double cone. If that plane cuts both cones, it is a hyperbola. If it is parallel to the edge of the cone, you get a parabola. If neither is the case, it is an ellipse. The ellipse is also a circle if the plane is perpendicular to the altitude of the cone. Note that none of these are the case if the plane passes through the vertex of the cone.

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