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Q: What are dependent variables to be considered in cloud computing?
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Is cloud computing is platform dependent or independent?

c is platform dependent

Finding a Cloud Server With Cloud Computing?

Have you considered utilizing the services of a cloud server? This is something that many people interested in cloud computing want to find out about. There are many networking companies that run cloud computing servers, and the fees for using such a server are different based on what company that you contact.

What is a major cloud computing magazine?

I found three Cloud Computing magazines you might be interested in. They are; Alltop - Top Cloud Computing News, Cloud Computing Journal and TMC's Cloud Computing Magazine. I hope that you find these choices helpful.

Top Cloud Computing Books?

Cloud computing is a new technology that is gaining popularity and will likely be a part of technological progress in the future. In order to learn more about it, consider investing in one of the many great cloud computing books. This is considered to be the top choice: Cloud Computing for Dummie- This is the perfect way to learn more about cloud computing in a easy to understand way. Whether you are a complete beginner in the subject or already have vast experience, this is the book for you.

Is Linux the only host for cloud computing?

I do not think that Linux is the only host for cloud computing. AT&T and HP are hosts for cloud computing also. You can get free cloud computing at

Are there free business options available for cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the sharing of information and software between businesses. At computing you will be able to find how to get free cloud computing. Also and are places to start your search for free cloud computing.

Where can I get cloud computing news to keep me updated about cloud computing technology?

Any computer website that has cloud computing on it should be able to keep you updated with news about cloud computing technology. I recommend Microsoft.

Where can I learn to use cloud computing?

There is a good explanation of cloud computing at I think you can learn most of what you need to know there.

Is Cloud Computing going to be better than Grid Computing?

Cloud computing is better then normal grid computing as its cheaper to buy, use and maintain. Cloud computing can offer web hosting also which grid computing can not.

Where can I get the definition of cloud computing?

You can either go to: or for a full definition of what cloud computing is.

what is the typical cloud computing platform?

There is no normal cloud computing platform. Cloud computing is a new computer operating system that is becoming popular.

Can you give me more information on cloud computing white papers?

Cloud computing papers are papers that give the basic definition of cloud computing and explain it. Cloud computing is just a way that involves connectivity to the internet.