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Two words for math are mathematics and arithmetic.

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Q: What are different words for math?
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What is are different words for multiply in math?

multiplication , times

What is two different words for math?

mathematics and arithmetic

Math words that start with b?

Billion and binomial are math words. Base of a triangle and binary are math words.

What are some math words that start with C?

Calculate, calculus and circumference are math words. Compound interest, compute, coordinates and cosine are math words.

How do you solve math questions?

Different math questions require different methods to solve.

How do you use accelerated math at home?

To do accelerated math at home, you can get ideas on various websites. Accelerated math is going to be different types of math for different children.

What does reading have to do with math?

you have to now how to pronounce the words that are used in math

How do you create a geometry math story?

Using Math and words.

What is a sentence containing the words some and sum?

In Some of her math classes, Sally was figuring out the sums of different numbers.

Why is math easy or difficult?

Because for different people, and different levels, math may appear easy or hard. Different people have different scales of knowledge to comprehend the many skills of math.

In math what is a table?

a math table in math is a table that describes your graph in a different way

Are there math words that start with the letter E?

Some math words beginning with the letter E are:EqualsEquationEquilateralEvaluateExpandExpression

Science words that start with m?

Math, moon, moons, MPLS, multilayer, multiprotocol, math, multiply... Note that "science" is a very big term, which includes lots of different specialties.

What math words start with A?

Acute angle, add, addition, algebra, algorithm and altitude are math words. Additional math words include angle, area, arc, arithmetic, average and axis.

What is an expression that describes a problem using words as labels and using math symbols to relate the words?

Math symbols

How is math used in math?

math is used to show people the different ways math can be used such as fractions or decimals you name it

What is your diffeculties in math?

Different things at different times.

Are there any math words?


What are symbols for in math?

A number by itself is meaningless. Symbols and labels add meaning in math. Symbols in math are used to represent different operations, and/or add descriptions. There are many different symbols each which have their own purpose. Some symbols have different purposes in different types of math.

What is the difference between maths and add math?

add math is harder...but not particularly different in style. If you like math you'll like it more, if you don't like math this won't be any different.

What does math taste like?

Math, for me, tastes like spices. Spices have very different and unique tastes. Math has very different concepts and branches.

What is the different between traditional math with modern math?

It is different because modern math sometimes uses calculators and traditional math did not have calculators.I think that they used abacuses or other methods such as your fingers

What are some ideas for a math board game?

Can create different board games that is based on different math skill

What do of mean in math?

An interactive math dictionary with enough math words, math terms, pictures, diagrams, tables, and examples to satisfy your inner math geek.

Who disccovere the math?

What math? Math has many different areas, that were developed over the course of several centuries.