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Q: What are dimensions of a gold ingot?
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A bar of gold is called?

wouldn't that be an ingot?

What is a sentence for ingot?

He fashioned the ingot into a small dagger.I found a gold ingot on the beach.

How do you make a power rail in minecraft?

this is the crafting tableG R GG S GG R GG=GoldS=StickR=Redstonex = gold ingoty = stickz = redstone dust_ = airx_xxyxxzxRemember to power it so the minecarts can move on it.

How do you use ingot in a sentence?

That gold ingot is worth a lot of money.

What is the form of gold when it is stored?


What is gold's block type?


What is a block of gold called?

An ingot

Why is the age of a gold ingot is often mentioned because Gold is not radioactive?

natural isotope of gold is 197 and he is stable element and not with radioactive decay why the gold ingot are often associated with age?

How would one describe a gold ingot?

A gold ingot can also be known as a gold bar and gold brick. It is described as a quantity of refined metallic gold of any shape that is made by a bar producer.

What Is the value of a gold ingot whose dimensions are 4 X 6 X 10 X 13 if gold is vlaued at 100 per cm3?

You have included one dimension too many ! Someone can edit this if they want to.

What is another word for gold bar?


Another name for gold ingot?