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Q: What are equivalent fraction to nine twelves?
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What is the equivalent fraction of eighty twelves?

Eighty twelves is nine hundred and sixty.

Is the fraction nine eighteenths bigger than six twelves?

They are equivalent.

What is the simplest fraction to nine twelves?


What fraction represent four twelves but it is equivalent?

Four twelves = 4*12 = 48 so an equivalent fraction is 96/2.

What is the equivalent fraction for 8 twelves?


What is the fraction equivalent of four twelves?


What fraction is greater seven eighths or nine twelves?

seven eights

Is nine twelves greater than three fourths?

No, they are equivalent.

What fraction is equivalent to 4 twelves?


What is an equivalent fraction 6 twelves?

its 3 sixths or 1 half

What decimal is equivalent to nine twelves?

9/12 = 3/4 = 0.75

Is 0.75 equivalent to nine twelves?

If you mean 9/12 then it is equivalent 3/4 which is 0.75 as a decimal