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Equivalent fractions are fractions that are equal. So, 1/2 and 2/4 are equivalent.

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Q: What are equivlent fractions?
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What is equivlent fractions?

fractions that have the same value.

What are some equivlent fractions of 2.3?

go to school

What are two equivlent fractions for five fourths?

10/8, 15/12

What are two equivlent fractions for five fourteenths?

10/28 and 15/42

Can two different fractions that are written in simplest form also be equivlent to each other?


What are two equivlent fractions to 21 over 42?

357/714 and 588/1176

What are 7 9s as a equivlent fractions?

7/9, 14/18, 21/27

What are the equivlent fractions to 80 percent?

4/5. 8/10, 12/15 and so on.

What are 3 equivlent fractions for 36 9?

8/2, 12/3, 16/4

What are two equivlent fractions for 20 over 28?

2 over 9 or 4 over 7

What are all the equivlent fractions for 9 over 4?

the equivalent fractions for 9 over 4 = 18/8, 27/12, 36/16, 45/20, 54/24, 63/28,...

What is 4 over 9 in a equivlent fraction?

It is any one of infinitely many fractions of the form (4*n)/(9*n) where n is a no-zero integer.

What is 11 out of 32 equivlent to?


What is the equivlent decimal to 5.300?


Is 4 eighths equivlent to 1halfs?


What is an equivlent fraction for 2 6?

Any one of the infinitely many ration fractions of the form k/(3*k) where k is a non-zero integer, is an equivalent fraction

What fraction is equivlent to 2?

2 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 2/1. You can then calculate equivalent rational fractions if you multiply both, its numerator and denominator, by any non-zero integer.

What is equivlent 45 percent?

45% = 0.45

What is three fourths equivlent to?


What are four expressions equivlent to the expression 33y-11y?


What fraction is equivlent to 4.6?

4.6 = 23/5

What is the equivlent of a 1.07 GPA?

A McDonald's burger flipper

How many grams are equivlent to 4300milligrams?

4.3 grams

What is the equivlent fraction of 16 and 20?


What is equivlent to 15 percent?

15 percent equals 0.15

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