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make a


using courteous expression in offering help

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Q: What are example of courteous expression in offering help?
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Can you give me sentences with courteous expression in offering help?

Can I get you a taxi. NB: There should be a question mark at the end of this sentence but wikianswers doesn't like questions for answers so I have left the question mark out

What are the courteous expression in a meeting and in an election?

Robert's rules of Parliament

How can you use the word deferentially in a sentence?

well its a pretty weak example but it may help... "He's deferentially intuned with the environment". Deferentially, meaning courteous or respectful.

What is an example of chivarly?

An example of chivalry could be holding the door open for someone, offering your seat to someone in need, or helping someone carry heavy bags. It involves showing respect, kindness, and courteous behavior towards others.

What is the meaning of hand with that?

One example is someone trying to lift a heavy box, and a passerby stops and asks, "Do you want a hand with that?" so offering to help.

What is a sentence for offered?

I offered my friend a sandwich, but she turned it down.

Whats is the value of the expression if x equals 2?

It would help if the expression was given!

Larry Carroll?

I find shopping at Lowe's very pleasurable and get as much help as I need. Always have friendly and courteous staff.

What does the idiomatic expression to save one's life mean?

The idiomatic expression, to save one's life means to help someone out of a tricky or very important situation. For example, if a woman's usual form of childcare was unavailable and a family member stepped in to help, they would be helping her out of a tricky situation, enabling her to go to work.

Polynomial expression help you in the inventory of sales?


What does the expression It helps in mean?

"It helps in" just means something makes something else easier. If examples help in teaching, then examples make teaching easier. For example.

GTS or pearl help?

Help? Help with what? HELP with Finding it? HELP with knowing how it works? HELP with finding Pokemon? HELP with offering Pokemon?