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Q: What are facts about Britain in 1750?
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What facts about Britain in 1750-1900?

THATS what im trying to find out !!!!

How did they rule Britain in 1750?

In 1750 Britain was a constitutional monarchy.

What were the major towns in Britain 1750?

The major towns of Britain in 1750 were: London, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow.

How many people lived in Britain in 1750?

5555 millon people lived in 1750

How many people live in Britain in 1750?

5555 millon people lived in 1750

Was Britain more modern by 1750?

No: Britain was, basically, no more modern in 1750 than anywhere else. Go forward 100 years & there are immense changes, Britain is by then at the forefront of the industrialised world. The Industrial Revolution has made great changes, but in 1750 this is undreampt of.

How did Britain change between the years 1750 and 1900?

The population grew from 11m in 1750 to 40m in 1900.

Who owned the 13 colonies in 1750?

Great Britain

In Britain in 1750 what places was there to visit?

The Tower of London was present in Britain by 1750, and one could visit it, despite its association with imprisonment. You could also visit Canterbury Cathedral.

What are facts about Blackpool from 1750 and 1900?

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The transformation of manufacturing that began in Britain about 1750?

Industrial Revolution

The transformation of manufactoring that began in Britain about 1750?

industria revolution