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You're supposed to ask only one question at a time but here we go for 15 or more questions about quadrilaterals:-

1 Quadrilaterals are 4 sided 2 dimensional polygons

2 Quadrilaterals have 4 interior angles that add up to 360 degrees

3 Quadrilaterals have 4 exterior angles adding to 360 degrees

4 Quadrilaterals have 2 diagonals

5 Quadrilaterals have a perimeter which is the sum of their 4 sides

6 Quadrilaterals have areas with formulae depending on their types

7 Quadrilaterals can individually tessellate

8 Quadrilaterals can be split into 2 triangles

9 Quadrilaterals can be squares

10 Quadrilaterals can be rectangles

11 Quadrilaterals can be parallelograms

12 Quadrilaterals can be rhombuses

13 Quadrilaterals can be trapezoids or trapeziums

14 Quadrilaterals are sometimes isosceles trapezoids

15 Quadrilaterals can look like kites

16 Quadrilaterals can undergo transformations on the Cartesian plane

17 Quadrilaterals are congruent or similar when identical in angles and shapes

18 Quadrilaterals can form the cross-section of prisms

19 Quadrilaterals sometimes have lines of symmetry

20 Quadrilaterals have certain properties within a circle

21 Quadrilaterals can be subjected to trigonometry

QED by David Gambell

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Q: What are fifteen or more facts and features relevant to geometrical quadrilaterals?
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