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Any 5 sided flat shapes will do because a pentagon has 5 sides

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Q: What are five things that look like a pentagon?
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I am helping my grandchild with his homework and would like to know how does a pentagon shape look like?

A pentagon is a five-sided figure.

How does a pentagon look like?

It is a plane (flat) area which is bounded by five straight lines.

What does a pentagons look like?

A figure with five sides-a regular pentagon has five equal sides

What are three things that look like a pentagon?

A home plate on a baseball field

What does a pentagon look like?

A pentagon is a five-sided two-dimensional shape; simply draw a straight line, then another 2, one from each end of the first, and connect the last ends up.== == Any shape with five sides, doesn't matter how long or short.With five sides

What does a irregular pentagon look like?

An irregular pentagon is a five sided shape. This shape will have sides of differing lengths and interior angles of differing magnitudes.

What are some words with the prefix pen from pentagon?

PENT means five so think of some things with FIVE pentathlon pentagon pentathlete then just go look in the dictionary pen pension penetrate penetrable

Can you show us what a pentagon look like?

A pentagon is a five sided shape. Google it to find out what it looks like because the best way i can describe it is like a house but the sides are slanted in, but yeah google it..

What does the pentagon look like?

it look like a big huge ginormous pentagon shaped building stupid its in the name

What a pentagon look like?

It looks like a doghouse:(The shape inside the box is a pentagon.)

What does a rectangular pentagon look like?

It can look like a four-sided shape with five sides or a five-sided shape with four sides. The term is self-contradictory and so such a shape cannot exist!

How does pentagon shape look like?

A pentagon is a polygon with 5 sides.

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