What are four sixes?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What are four sixes?
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How many 6 and 7 are there in a deck?

There are four sixes and four sevens

How do you get thirty with four sixes?

You cant but you can get 30 with 5

Where is the Four Sixes Ranch located?

In Guthrie Texas

Is sixth twelves the same as four sixes?

no because four is not divisible by six.

What is one third plus four sixes?

1 whole

Is sixth twelevs the same as four sixes?

No. It's the same as 1/2

How do four sixes equal two?

6/6 + 6/6 = 2

How many fours and sixes did Brian Lara hit in his best innings of 400?

43 Four & 4 Sixes hits by Brian Lara in his best innings of 400?

what is 7 sixes -2 sixes=?

it is 5 sixes

How do you write 2 using four sixes?

One way is 6/6 +6/6

Is five sixes bigger tan two thirds?

Yes, two thirds is equivelant to four sixths.

How many sixes hits by afridi in one day cricket?

He Has Hit The Most Number Of Sixes Which Is : 297 & Just 3 Sixes Away To Get 300 Sixes