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equivalent fractions

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Q: What are fractions that represent the same part to a whole relationship?
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Related questions

Do fractions represent comparasion If so explain how or why?

A proper fraction can represent a comparison between a part (the numerator) and the whole (the denominator).

Decimals and fractions are blank of a whole?

Decimals and fractions are PART of a whole

What is three fourths equivalent fractions?

Equivalent fractions appear to be different values, but reduce to the same simplified form. They represent the same part of a whole.

What is fractions?

fraction is part of a whole

What is the difference between integers and fractions?

Integers are whole numbers, fractions are part of a whole number.

How can you use fractions to name part of a whole or part of a set?

a whole number

What fractions that represents the same part of the whole in math?

equivalent fractions

What are fractions that name the same part of a whole?

A whole number

What shows part of the whole?

Fractions and percentages show the parts of the whole.

What is a number that can be used to indicate part of a whole?


What represent a part of a whole?

A fraction.

How do you fractions?

Fractions are a part of the whole. So 1/2 is a half of something. A circle divided into 10 parts, each part is 1/10th of the whole circle.

What are fractions that can represent some portion of a whole?

The term fraction means a part of the whole. So one half (1/2) is a fraction. The decimal 0.5 means a half and is also a fraction.

What is it called when fractions that name the same amount or same part of a whole number?

equivalent fractions.

What are fractions called that name the same amount on the same part of a whole called?

equivalent fractions

Is fractions whole numbers?

no a fraction is only part of a number

Do fractions and decimals both show parts of a whole?

They can do. But they can also show wholes plus a part. For example, 41/2 or 4.5 represent four wholes and one part out of two of another.

Where do you place the whole number when comparing a part to a whole?

when comparing a part to a whole in fractions you would put the whole as the denominator: 1/4 would be one part of 4.

What is the sum of a whole number part and the fractions part called?

The sum of a whole number and a fraction is called a mixed number.

Why do you have fractions?

Fractions are a way of saying "I have part of something but not the whole thing."In other words it is a way of expressing a value less than a whole number.

How are fractions and decimals related?

They are different ways of finding the part of a whole

Why do you not divide fractions?

you don't divide fractions because you can't put a whole number into only part of a number!

What do you know about fractions?

I know that a fraction is a part of the whole (1/100) of something.

Can an equivalent fraction be an improper fraction?

No. Equivalent fractions applies to proper fractions. Getting an equivalent fractions means getting the same value of the part of a whole.

What is a fraction what does it represent?

A simple fraction represents a part of the whole.