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Q: What are horizontal lines on a map technically called?
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What are the imaginary lines on the globe and map?

The horizontal lines are called latitudes and the vertical lines are called longitudes.

What do you call the horizontal lines on the map called?

latitude. I remember by Lat is Flat =P

What is parallel or lines of latitude location?

They are the horizontal lines on a map.

What are the imaginary lines called on a map that divide the world?

The line on the map is called the ratocoal.

What do lines of latitude and longitude mean?

On a map, longitude lines go up and down, AKA vertically. Latitude lines are horizontal lines on a map.

Horizontal lines on a map of the earth is called?

Latitude. It may be helpful to think of a ladder when trying to remember this, as Ladder sounds similar to latitude, and ladders have many horizontal bars.

What is the lines running up and down the earth called?

The imaginary lines running from north to south on a map are called longitude.

What is the type of map uses horizontal and vertical lines to locate places?


Do you read horizontal lines on a map first or vertical when divided into squares?

Vertical first.

What is the difference between longiltude and latitude?

Longitude are the vertical lines found in a map or globe while latitude are the horizontal lines.

What globe lines that are always the same distance apart?

"Parallels" of latitude. Those are the lines that are drawn horizontal on the globe or map.

What is the imaginary horizontal lines that go the same way as the equator?

The set of imaginary lines that are all parallel to the equator are the parallels of latitude. Whether they're horizontal or not depends on how you hold your map.