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Intelligent support systems (ISS), sometimes referred to as expert systems, are one of the more advanced forms of information systems.

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Q: What are intelligent support systems sometimes referred to as?
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What is accomplished by intelligent support systems?

The premise of such systems is that they can apply reasoning--sometimes called artificial intelligence--to a particular area of problems and generate advice, recommendations, and solutions.

What is the population of Intelligent Systems?

The population of Intelligent Systems is 130.

When was IEEE Intelligent Systems created?

IEEE Intelligent Systems was created in 1997.

When was Intelligent Systems created?

Intelligent Systems was created on 1984-02-18.

What is the symbol for Intelligent Systems Corporation in the AMEX?

The symbol for Intelligent Systems Corporation in the AMEX is: INS.

In what year did Intelligent Systems Corporation - INS - have its IPO?

Intelligent Systems Corporation (INS) had its IPO in 1992.

What are group support systems?

Group support systems (GSS), sometimes called groupware, are interactive computer-based systems that allow groups of people throughout an institution to work on the same projects.

What does ITS stand for?

intelligent transportation systems

What are intelligent building systems?


What is the market cap for Intelligent Systems Corporation INS?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Intelligent Systems Corporation (INS) is $13,168,301.16

What are examples of support classification systems?

Support classification information systems are transaction processing systems, management information systems, knowledge management systems, office automation systems, decision support systems, group support systems.

High-bandwidth communications systems are sometimes referred to as?

Broadband communications Some may still the "information super highway."

What are old technology systems referred to?

Legacy Systems

Who created Fire Emblem?

Intelligent Systems from Nintendo

What is the fullform of ISMB?

Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology.

How does the muscular system help the musculoskeletal system?

The muscular and skeletal systems work together to provide a structural framework for movement. The combined systems are sometimes referred to as the musculoskeletal system.

What are electronic data systems?

"Electronic Data Systems, also sometimes even referred to as EDS, is a company that gives business solutions to its clients. In this way, it helps them expand and grow."

How many double planet systems are in the solar system?

None.However, dwarf planets Pluto and Charon are sometimes referred to as a binary system.

Why were the first microwave ovens sometimes referred to as radar ranges?

because microwaves both and radar systems both use microwaves

Low pressure systems are referred to as?

stormy-weather systems

What is the type of air when weather systems are calm that helps smog form?

When weather systems are calm, stagnant air helps smog to form. Smog is sometimes referred to as haze or fog.

What service does NETIQ provide?

The services that NETIQ provide are; Advanced technologies, IT skills training, intelligent security systems, NETIQ cloud management and support around the clock.

What is the examples of decision support system?

Decision Support Systems as Information Systems

What is the example of decision system support?

Decision Support Systems as Information Systems

What is full form of ismb?

Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology.