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Q: What are lenses windows and prisms usually made of?
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What are the faces of prisms usually made of?


How many prisms can be made with 18 cubes?

You can have the 18 as prisms, OR.. they can be cut up into an infinite number of different prisms, as many as your tools for cutting it can make.

Why cant electricians wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses are made from plastics and electricians are usually exposed to heat. When direct heat reaches the contact lenses as the electricians wear it, Chances are; The contact lenses might melt into the eyes and you could never remove them.

What are windows and bottles?

windows: things you look out from.....usually made out of glass Bottle: something you drink out of

Microscope made up of two or more lenses?

Yes, two lenses can make a simple microscope. More are usually used. A magnifying glass - one lens - is the simplest microscope.

What was the last year geo prism was made?

what year was geo prisms made

A prism is made with a 7 sided base?

not all prisms

Can a corrective lens be in form of a contact lens?

AnswerSince contact lenses are corrective lenses for contact with the eye, I presume you mean the general case with optics.The answer is that lenses can be in contact with each other and often are. But it is very difficult to put two lenses into contact without a gap, so these lenses are usually bonded together with optical cements.Lenses have been made with liquid elements between lenses, too.

What is prism in microscope?

microscope is made up of thousands of small prisms....

How many ractangular prisms can be made using 36 cubes?


Why don't caves have many windows?

Caves are usually natural formations (although some are man made) which bury deep into rock. Windows are man-made objects.

What are hard contact lenses made of?

Hard contact lenses are made of a plastic polymer called polymethyl methacrylate.