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Like signs: + and + , - and -

Unlike signs: + and - , - and +

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Q: What are like signs and unlike signs?
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What is the rule for multiplying and dividing integers with unlike and like signs?

Like signs give a positive answer. Unlike signs give a negative answer.

What are like and unlike signs?

Like signs: When both numbers are either positive or negative, like: +6 and +4 Unlike signs; When one is either positive or negative, like he nd lo sn.x

Rules in subtracting like and unlike signs?


What are the sign rules of division and multiplication?

numbers with Like signs : result Plusnumbers with Unlike signs : result Minus

What are the rules in adding integers with like and unlike signs?

To add integers with like signs you jut put the positive in front of the answer (you just add and put a positive sign in front of it)

Example of unlike sign in integers?

Positive and negative signs are unlike one another.

How will you add integers with unlike signs?

To add two integers with unlike signs: -- Find the difference between their sizes, ignoring their signs. -- Give the difference the sign of the integer with the larger size.

How do you add integers with unlike signs?

The examples show that, to find the of two integers with unlike signs first find the absolute value of each integers.

Does a negative value multiplied by a negative value eguals a negative?

No, like signs multiply to positive, unlike to negative.

How do obtain the product of monomial ang binomial?

Multiply each term of the binomial by the monomial. Be particularly careful with signs: (+ times +) or (- times -) equals plus or Like signs = + (+ times -) or (- times +) equals minus or Unlike signs = -

What is a sign of the quotient of two numbers with unlike signs?


Negative divided by a positive equals?

A negative number divided by a postive number equals negative number . Remember the rules of division of integers : Unlike signs = Negative Like signs = Positive .

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