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Q: What are lines that cross to form a 90 degree angle?
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Lines that meet or cross at one point are called?

Intersecting lines.Intersecting lines.Intersecting lines.Intersecting lines.

Lines that cross and form a right angle?

Perpendicular lines

What lines form at a 90 degree angle?

perpendicular lines

What are lines that intersect to form a ninety degree angle?

When two lines intersect to form a 90o angle, they are said to be perpendicular.

Is there pair lines that intersect but are not perpendicular?

Yes. Perpendicular lines intersect to form a right or 90 degree angle. Not all intersecting lines form a right angle.

What is it called when lines intersect to form a 90 degree angle?

The lines are said to be 'perpendicular'.

2 lines that form 90 degrees?

Two lines that form a 90 degree angle are considered perpendicular.

What are perpendicular lines on a 2d shape?

Lines that form a 90 degree angle at their vertex. Two lines that make a 90 degree are perpendicular.

Is the swatstika a cross?

The swastika is a form of a equilateral cross. Each leg of the cross is bent at a 90 degree angle.

How many lines are there in an angle?

Two lines but they can't be parallel. It would be better to say two rays that share the same endpoint form an angle. However, two intersecting lines form angles also. Two rays can form a 180 degree angle if they share the same endpoint and point in exactly the opposite directions. Two perpendicular lines can form a right or 90 degree angle.

When two lines cross at one point?

intersecting lines; if they form a right angle, then they are perpendicular FARTS :)

Two intesecting lines that form a 90 degree angle are called?