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(any unit of length or distance) divided by (any unit of time)2

can be a unit of acceleration.

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Measurements of acceleration are given in units of?

Measurements of acceleration are given in units of distance/time.

How do you find mass if just the measurements and density are given?

It depends on what measurements are given. Density is mass per unit volume.

How do you plot the given measurements?

The answer depends on whether the measurements are univariate, bivariate or multivariate.

Speed measurements are given in units of?


What is the name given to a ratio of two equivalent measurements?

conversion factor

What is the name given to the collection of data on human body measurements?


What is a limit tolerance?

The expected range of measurements produced by a given operation.

How do you find perimeter if measurements are not given?

use your ruler to measure the sides

What is 17x17 in square meter?

The answer depends on the units used for the given measurements.

How long was the real Trojan horse?

Measurements for the Trojan Horse were never given.

What are Kristen Stewart's measurements?

Kristen Stewart's body measurements are: 33-23-34 Her height is usually given as 5' 6" or 5' 7".

What does concert these measurements mean?

Convert these measurements means to take the 2 given measurements and change them to the given one that was chosen. Example- convert 3 inches to yards. 1. / (divide) 2. (how many inches are in a foot) 3 3. 3/3= 1yd. ~ you have to have conversions memorized to be able to do this. ~ Hope this helps! (;

How do you find angle measurements on a triangle when three sides are already given?

use a protractor.

The length of segment AB?

I cannot complete the problem because no preliminary measurements were given.

What are the measurements of King Solomon's temple outer sanctuary?

The measurements are given in 1 Kings 6.2 & 3. This chapter gives much more information on Solomon's temple.

How can you calculate if the force is not given show its formula?

You would have to know (a) what you are actually supposed to calculate, and (b) what ARE you given, not just what you AREN'T given. If no data is known, you'll have to do some measurements.

Can volume be found when only mass is given?

No. Volume can normally be worked out from measurements. Mass is irrelevant.

How many square feet in a 8x16 tile?

The answer depends on the units used for the measurements given in the question.

What is the volume of the prism given below with measurements of 6 8 and 19?

504 units sqrd

What is the given ration of two equivalent measurements?

There is no real reason for two equivalent measurements to be rationed! The ratio of two equivalent measurements will depend on the units used. The ratio between a length in feet and the equivalent length in inches, for example, is 12:1.

What is the net force called when an object moves in a circular path?

Centripal acceloration is the net force when an object moves in a circular path.

What does basic unit mean?

The single unit used in a given system. For example in metric measurements, the meter.

What detail did god put on Noah's command?

The measurements and the door and window details were given to Noah by God.

How do you find the answer to the circumference of a circle divided by twice its radius when no measurements are given?

3.14 in other words "pi"!

How are units of measurement chosen and interpreted in formulas?

Units of measurements should be given in the data as well as in the formula.

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