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Q: What are members of division Sphenophyta.?
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What members of division Sphenophyta?


What is the common name for Sphenophyta?

The common name is horsetails.

The major division between eastern and western europe in the era after ww2 is based on?

The division is known as the Iron Curtain. However, the division was based on members of NATO and members of the Warsaw Pact. Meaning it was basically a Cold War division of the democracies and communists.

Are members of division Psiliophyta?

Whisk ferns

What is the definition of Sphenophyta?

It is a non flowering plantIt has a jointed, hallow, narrow stemIt is a vascular plantAlso known as a horsetail

Are members of division pterophyta?


How many schools are there in division II in the NCAA?

Currently there are 282 either full or provisional members of Division II.

How many members are in a division of the military?

The number of members in a division of the military depends on the nationality of the military, historical and current circumstances, and type of division. Between 10,000 and 30,000 soldiers tend to be in one division.

What are the 12 phyla of plants?

Bryophyta Hepatophyta Anthocerophyta Psilophyta Lycophyta Sphenophyta Pteridophyta Cycadophyta Ginkgophyta Coniferophyta Gnetophyta Anthophyta

What division do the Bears play in?

The Chicago Bears are an American football team from Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the National Football Conference in the North division.

Which division would include conifers?

Conifers are members of the division Pinophyta, also known as Coniferophyta or Coniferae. Pinophyta is one of 13 or 14 division level taxa within the Kingdom Plantae.

What is the lower division of the British Parliament whose members are elected called?

The House of Commons.