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If,we were talking about a six grade equation or like a quiz to find this answer,then we could use a number line or a metaphor about that number line.Cindy jumped from lily pad to lily pad just like a frog.A.K.A it means that you have to go from number to number to find the zero which is in the middle or just whatever the question asks.Another one would be For example, the Golden Rule can be compared to a card game! In most card games, each person must be dealt the same number of cards. Recall that the Golden Rule states: what is done to one side of an equation must be done to the other, so that the equation is balanced.

Similarly, in a card game, the number of cards dealt to one player must be dealt to the other players, so that the game will be fair. To give a numerical example, you could say that each player gets cards, so . Both sides of the equal sign are balanced and both players get the same number of cards!

So,the metaphor would be i won the game like Musashi Miyamoto aka hes one of the greatest swordsmen.

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Q: What are metaphors for an equation?
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