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Q: What are negatives about circle justice?
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When did circle justice founded?

who invented circel justice

Is Circle Justice real?

Yes, Circle Justice is a real program for criminals who want to heal their soul.

How many of Cole's classmates show up for circle of justice?

there where about like 10 students at the circle justice

When did justice circle originate?

in england

Who is involved in Circle Justice?

the people

Why is aboriginal circle justice better than civil justice?

cause it is cooler

What actors and actresses appeared in Circle Justice System - 1993?

The cast of Circle Justice System - 1993 includes: Vic Istchenko as Narrator

Where did Justice Circle originate?


Is circle justice used today?


Who does cole argue with at the circle of justice in Touching Spirit bear?

Cole argues with Edwin and Garvey at the Circle of Justice in the novel Touching Spirit Bear. Edwin and Garvey are Cole's probation officer and Circle Keeper, and they are part of the restorative justice program that Cole is in.

What is the purpose of Circle Justice?

The purpose of Circle Justice is to heal a person who has done wrong. They do not believe in punishing people for the crimes they committed, instead, they believe in rehabilitation.

What did Garvey and Edwin get the Circle of Justice to do?

Went home