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What are other words mean subtraction?

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deduction, reduction, decrease, discount, diminution

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What are some other words for minus?


What are some other words from multiply in math?

Other words are: division, subtraction, and addition.

Other words for subtraction?

minus, deduct,diminish

What are other words for subtraction?

minus, take away, less than

What are some other words for subtraction in math?

Take away and minus.

What operation do the words decreased by suggest?

The words "decreased by" suggest the operation of subtraction.

What Words used in story problems mean subtraction?

less then, count back and more

What does subtraction mean?

subtraction means you have to take away from the number

What are some words that can describe addition and subtraction?

subtraction minus less than sooner

What are words used to describe subtraction?

There are several words used to indicate subtraction. Minus, deducted, subtracted from, decreased by, less than.

What words that describe subtraction?

tske away!!??

What are other words that mean grandmother?

other words that mean grandmother are nany,and momow

How do you spell subtraction?

If you mean "spell" as meaning "to name or write letters of any word," then it's Subtraction.

What does trade mean in subtraction?

to take away?

What does inverse property of subtraction mean?


When using graphite what does subtraction mean?


What does left mean in a math problem?


Other words that mean the same as help?

other words that mean the same as are called synonyms

What does it mean that multiplication distributes over addition and subtraction?

It means that A*(B+C) = A*B + A*C and similarly for subtraction.

What other names for subtraction?

Take away

What are 3 different words for subtraction?

Reduction Diminution Lessening

Is there any subtraction words that start with t?

Yes, 'take out'.

How many key words in subtraction?

The word 'subtraction' is the noun form of the verb to subtract, a word meaning to take away. The noun 'subtraction' is a word for the process of taking a part away from the whole.

Does sum mean subtraction?

No. Sum means to add.

What does many more mean in a math problem?