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They are points on a coordinate plane.

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Q: What are points located two perpendicular number lines?
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Do perpendicular lines intersect in and at least to points?

Perpendicular lines are lines that always intersect either at just one point, two points or several more.

Do perpendicular lines intersect in at least two points?

Perpendicular lines intersect at one point only.

How many points do perpendicular lines share?

Perpendicular lines will only share one point: the point of intersection, where the two lines meet.

What are the lines called that are perpendicular to a parallel line?

'two perpendicular number lines are called'Special:Search

What do you call two perpendicular number lines?

2 perpendicular lines are called 2 pwrpendicular lines it is sorry <:(

How many intersecting points occur when 4 parallel lines are perpendicular to 5 other lines?

There are 20 common points.

Does every line have an infinite number of lines perpendicular to the given line?

Yes. There can be a line perpendicular to the given line at every point on it, and you know how many different points there are on it ...

How many perpendicular lines does a heptagon have?

An infinite number. Each point on a line, however small the line is, can have a perpendicular through it. And since there are an infinite number of points on any line, the answer is an infinite number.

When you cross two number lines that are perpendicular?

Perpendicular lines cross each other at right angles

How many perpendicular lines are there in a diamond?

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, which determine the number of perpendicular lines (assuming you are referring to the edges as the lines) so there is no one number of lines or perpendicular lines on a diamond.

How many points of intersection do two perpendicular lines have?

Any two lines can only have one point of intersection. Unless they are parallel, in which case they do not intersect at all. If they are the same line, then they intersect at an infinite number of points.

Can perpendicular lines intersect in two points?

they can't intersect at any poit

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