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Divide the graph into 4 parts and each part is a quadrant. Traditionally, we use the x and y axis to divide it. The portion of the graph with positive x and y coordinates is the first quadrant, The second has positive y values and negative x values, while the third quadrant has both negative x and negative y values. The last is the fourth quadrants which is below the first quadrant. It has positive x values and negative y values. If you made the origin, the point (0,0) the center of a clock, the first quadrant is between 3 and 12 and the second between 12 and 9, the third between 9 and 6 and the fourth between 12 and 3.

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Q: What are quadrants of a graph?
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How many quadrants are there on a coordinate graph?

there are 4 quadrants in a coordinate grid (=

What are the four sections of a graph called?


What quadrants the graph of x - y equals 5 is plotted in when graphed?

Quadrants I, III and IV.

What is a graph composed of 4 quadrants?

The Cartesian plane

Four sections into which the graph is divided?

The Cartesian graph is divided into four sections called quadrants.

Where is the positive and negative belong to the quadrants graph?

Same , equal

What does 4 quadrant graph mean?

A graph with x and y coordinates has 4 quadrants, so would be a 4 quadrant graph.

Which quadrants is -1 0 located on the graph?

The point (-1,0) lies on the boundary line between Quadrants II and III .

What are characteristics of the graph of the reciprocal parent function?

It is a hyperbola, it is in quadrants I and II

Why are coordinates and quadrants important in geometry?

Without them, you wouldn't be able to graph.

How does a quadrant look like?

When drawing a graph, there are four quadrants, which are the "boxes" surrounding the origin.

What are the four quadrants of a cartesian graph?

Quadrant I ( + , + ) Quadrant II ( - , + ) Quadrant III ( - , - ) Quadrant IV ( + , - )

What is the graph of y equals -x?

the graph is 2 straight lines from the origin in quadrants 1 and 2 at angle of 45 and 135 degrees from 0

What is the name for one of the four sections of a graph divided by the x and y axis called?

They are called quadrants.

What must be true about the slope of a line whose graph extends into quadrants II and IV?

it is a negative slope.

What quadrants does the graph of the line y equals 2x plus 5 pass?

It intercepts the y axis at (0, 5) and it intercepts the x axis at (-2.3, 0) passing through the I, II and III quadrants

What are quadrants in graphing?

The two axes in a simple graph divide the plane into four parts. Each part is known as a quadrant.

What four regions created by the x and y axes?

The four quadrants.The four quadrants.The four quadrants.The four quadrants.

What are the four quadrants of the abdominal region?

The four quadrants of the abdomen are the right and left upper quadrants and the right and left lower quadrants.

What are the quadrants of a coordinate grid called?

They are called "quadrants".

If a point is on the 0 line in a coordination graph which quadrant are they part of?

The axes form the boundaries of the quadrants but not part of them. So points on the axes do not belong to any quadrant.

What is a directly proportional graph?

A straight line, through the origin, and with a positive slope - that is, the line is entirely in the first (top right) and third (bottom left) quadrants.

How many quadrants form a circle?

There are 4 quadrants in a circle

Why are the axes not located in any of the quadrants?

The axes create the quadrants.

What does mean quadrants?

The Cartesian plane is divided into 4 quadrants