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the lines of the brooklin bridge

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Q: What are real life examples of skew lines?
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Can segments and rays be skew lines if they lie in skew lines?

They can be, and are, "skew". If they are not lines, they cannot be "skew lines".

Do lines that skew intersect?

No. Skew lines do not intersect

Do skew lines always intersect?

Skew lines never intersect. If two lines intersect, then they are known as "intersecting lines", not skew lines.

Real world examples of skew lines?

given a room with 4 walls Line 1: The line that is the intersection of the floor and the west wall Line 2: The line that is the intersection of the ceiling and the north wall Lines 1 & 2 are skew. they never touch yet they are not in the same plane.

What are skew lines?

skew lines are noncoplanar lines, which means they aren't parallel and they also don't intersect skew lines do not intersect and are not coplanar

Are skew lines in the same plane?

No. Skew lines must be in different planes. Skew lines have no common points (they never cross).

Are parallel lines also called skew lines?

No. Skew lines are lines in different planes that are parallel.

Is there any real life examples for positive skew distribution?

yes but it's hard to find the real place to find it but if you go to goolge and look for then maybe you'll find it

Are skew lines never parallel?

Correct! Skew lines can never by be parallel.

Do skew lines intersect?

SKEW LINES are neither parallel nor intersecting.

Are skew lines parallel?

No. If they are parallel, then a plane exists which both lines lie in. Skew lines can not be on the same plane.

Can skew lines cross?

Skew lines can refer to non-coplanar lines and, if that is the case, they cannot cross.