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Q: What are real numbers that can't be expressed as a quotient of two integers?
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What set of numbers is closed under division?

Integers are closed under division I think o.o. It's either counting numbers, integers or whole numbers . I cant remember :/

Why cant irrational numbers be represented in decimal form?

But irrational numbers are decimals that can't be expressed as fractions

Why cant irrational number be presented as a decimal?

All irrational numbers are non-terminating decimals that can't be expressed as fractions

When you multiply a quadratic function by a number what happens?

you cant. the quadratic function must be expressed as a number. Radicals and numbers dont mix

What is a number real?

a number that cant be written on a number line. (ex. √-1) (the check is a square root sign)

Is 0.32 an integer?

No. The integers are {..., -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, ...}. Basically, all numbers without fractions or decimals, so 0.32 is not an integer.

Why are atomic numbers listed as whole numbers?

The atomic number is derived from how many protons are present in the nucleus of an atom. Becaue you cannot have a fraction of a proton present in an atom, atomic numbers must be non negative integers.

Can the difference of two rational numbers can be irrational?

No irrational numbers don't have patterns and cant be expressed as a ratio so you cant even subtract the number. Ex: 22/7 - sqrt(2), you wont be able to find the difference since you cant even put it in a complete number.

Would you please give a short but good description of what exponents and integers are?

i cant really remember what exponents are & im in eighth grade, crazy huh? but integers are either positive or negative numbers on a number line. for instance this is a a work problem -3+4=1 thats pretty much it. thankss(: -summerr.

Why cant find the prime factorization of 4.8?

Prime factorization refers to integers, not decimals.

What numbers cant you make by multiplying prime numbers?

prime numbers

How can you tell with out dividing that 479 divided by 6 will have a 2 digit quotient?

because 6 cant go into 4