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A thousandth of a micrometre is a nanometre.

A thousandth of that is a picometre.

A thousandth of that is a femtometre.

A thousandth of that is a attometre.

A thousandth of that is a zeptometre.

A thousandth of that is a yoctometre.

There is also 1/10 nanometre, which is known as the Angstrom unit.

An alternative answer to the question is, half a micrometre, a thrid of a micrometre, a quarter of a micrometre etc.

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Q: What are smaller than micrometers?
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Is micrometers smaller than a meter?

Yes, they are.

What is smaller than milimeters?

Micrometers, nanometers for example.

What is smaller millimeters or micrometers?

micrometres are 1000 times smaller than millimetres

What is smaller than millimeters?

micrometers, nanometers, picometers, femtometers, etc.

Is nanometers bigger then micrometers?

1 micrometer has 1,000 nanometers in it. So: -- 1 nanometer is smaller than 1 micrometer. -- The number of micrometers in any length is smaller than the number of nanometers in the same length.

Is 100 nanometers smaller than 01 micrometers?

if you mean 0.1 micrometers (microns), they are the same as 1000 nanometres is a micron. 1 micron is 10x larger than 100nm 0.01microns is 10 nanometres, therefore smaller than 100nm

Is a kilometers small than micrometers?

No.This is because micrometer is smaller than the millimeter but the millimeter is much smaller than the kilometers so the correct answer is NO.

Is there a measurement smaller than a millimeter?

Of course there are. How else would you measure things smaller than a millimeter? There are Micrometers, nanometers, angstroms and picometers

What is the size of plant cell?

Approx. 30-50 micrometers. Can be bigger or smaller than this.

What is the size of staphylococci in millimeters?

A staph bacteria is about 1,000 times smaller than a millimeter, so it is measured in micrometers. The actual size is 0.6 micrometers.

What is smaller mitochondria or lysosomes?

Lysosomes are smaller. The mitochondria vary from 0.5-10 micrometers in diameter. The size of lysosomes vary from 0.1-1.2 micrometers.

What is smaller micrometers or nanometers?

nanometer is smaller as it is 0.000000001 whereas micrometer is 0.000001

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