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Q: What are some adaptations you would have to make if daylights only lasted for two hours each day?
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What would be the time if something lasted 19 hours and it started at 1 o'clock?

8 o'clock.

How long would the performances in the Globe Theatre last?

Most plays lasted for about 2 Hours. This is attested to in the Prologue of Romeo and Juliette.

If you watch 30 episodes of something that lasted 20 minutes how many hours would you watch?

30 episodes x 20 min/episode=600 minutes or 10 hours.

How long did the battle of the white plains last?

It seems that the battle would of lasted for a few hours if that. The battle was fought on October 28, 1776.

What is a Behavioral adaptations of Monkeys?

A monkeys behavioral adaptations are things that I would like to know about pleasetell me.

What structural adaptations would you notice on a cactus?

The structural adaptations you would notice on a cactus are the spines on it. The spines are there so they don't loose water.

What would soldiers have worn in the battle of bosworth?

The soldiers had fought from early morning. The actual battle lasted between 2 and 3 hours. The soldiers, some who would have worn heavy armour would have been tired from the constant fighting.

What if the monkeys didn't have these adaptations what would they do?

If monkeys did not have adaptations to protect them, they would be destroyed by predators. Monkeys live in the trees in order to remain safe from predators.

What are the adaptations of the turtles?

Their protection adaptations would include; Jaw Defense, Beak Defense, and Lack of Shell Defense.

What would happen if dolphins lost their adaptations?

The species would die out.

What are the woodpeckers adaptations that allow it to fly?

That would be their wings

What is a dawn bat's adaptations?

A Dawn Bats adaptation is that they can hang on their feet for many hours and so the bats wont have to stay on the ground which would be bad because the dawn bat has other predators.