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what does equation mean

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Q: What are some equations in math and what do they mean?
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What does equations mean?

Equations mean a problem mostly in math

What does half mean in math equations?


What does equivalent equation mean in math terms?

Equations that have the same solution.

How are math expressions and math equations the same?

They are the same except equations use the equal sign =

How can you use math to solve complex problems?

IF they are math related, write appropriate equations and then apply math rules to solve the equations.

What sort of multiplication equations should I include on a math worksheet for a 3rd grader?

Some good multiplication equations to include in addition worksheets can be found at match equations dot com. You can plug them in on all kinds of math problems.

What are some hard math problems?

It is usually said that 2nd order differential equations are a difficult math problem

What math equations is used in engineering?

A short definition of engineering is "applied science". You need all sorts of equations in engineering: equations from pure math, from physics, chemistry, etc., depending on what you work in. I suppose any of these equations might be called a "math equation".

What are some hard math equations?


What are the math teritories?

Well, I think that means differnet types of math fields. This would mean like arthmitic, equations, complex numbers and so on.

Why is science alike to math?

Yes science includes math in some situations. Mainly what i am saying is that you use it in some equations for solving for velocity or other logical examples.

What is the Worlds hardest math equations?

Feynmans path integral formulation equations

What is math and who introduced it?

math is a series of numbers and equations and it was introduced by the Egyptians

What are some civil engineering math equations?

have a look at this excellent answer in ask dr math.

Hard math equations?

The difficulty level of math equations depends on the age and level of the person. Small children will find multiplication unbearably hard.

What does equal mean in math?

The equal sign means that the term on the right is equivalent to the term on the left. This is common in equations.

How is math do with a lawer?

Lawyers use a lot of statistics and there are some equations to deal with the strength of a legal document.

What Equations are used in Math Careers?


What is error estimation?

Error estimation involves figuring out the number of errors in a program. This calculation is used not only for computers but also for some equations in math like linear equations.

What are some example sentences for the word equation?

Math is full of Equations. The most famous Equation is e=mc2.

How are math expressions and math equations different?

Math equations have an equals sign such as: 7+5=12 or 9x6=47+7 Math expressions do not have a equals sign such as: 43-27 or 8x40

What type of math is used in a bankers job?

Arithmetic , algebra, some differential equations might occur in analysis.

What are equations used for?

Equations are for math and to make you smarterThank you very much and have a nice day!:)

What are the advantages of using equations?

Equations make complicated math procedures easier to accomplish and simpler to understand.

How do you simplify math?

You can't. Math is not an algebraic expression. Simplifying an equation, however, can take multiple forms. Sometimes simplify simply means to solve an equation. Other times, it can mean to bring an equation into a standard form, such as with line equations, or quadratic equations.

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