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Not much. A solid metal hammer or a cast iron skillet, perhaps. Or a compact laptop computer.

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Q: What are some everyday items that weigh 4 pounds?
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What are some everyday items that weigh 11 pounds?

a bunny

What are some everyday items that weigh 10 pounds?

...a bag of sugar ...a ten pound weight that you can find at a gym ...a Morkie puppy, around that weight

What household items weigh 10 pounds?

Some foods that weigh ten pounds are a sack of potatoes or sugar or flour. Some items could be a blender, a lamp, or a small toaster oven.

What items weigh 60 pounds?

A small child may weigh 60 pounds. Also, some animals can weigh 60 pounds. A small bag of cement will typically also weigh in at around 60 pounds.

What are some common household items that might weigh 50 pounds?


What are some items that weigh 1 ounce?

what is 23kg in weight or pounds

Household item that weighs 2 pounds?

Some household items that weigh two pounds include books and shoes. You can verify this by placing items on a household scale.

What are some household items that weigh 2.2 pounds?

320 pennies

Things that weigh 1000 pounds?

Anything can weigh 1000 pounds if it is made big enough. Some examples of things that may weigh 1000 pounds are, some animals, sharks, whales, and people.

What are some everyday things that weigh 120 pounds?

1. Flat screen tv 2. Stove 3. refrigerator 4. umm... a bed? 5. car

What are some everyday items that help destroy the ozone layer?

There are many everyday items affecting ozone. Deodorants, spray cans etc are some of them.

Everyday items cause the hole in the ozone?

There are some everyday items which cause ozone hole. These are deodorants, spray cans etc.

What everyday items do Romans use?

The ancient Romans used various items that we still use today. Some examples of everyday items they used are knives, forks and plates.

What are some everyday items that are made out of gel?


Does a cat weigh about 10 pounds?

It depends on how much you feed it. But yes some cats do weigh ten pounds.

What objects weigh 2 pounds?

Some brands of Walkie Talkie weigh about 2 1\2 pounds

How big do rottweiler and labrador get?

Labradors weigh 59-88 pounds. Some males reach 110 pounds. Rottweilers weigh 90-132 pounds. Some males reach 150 pounds.

What are some everyday items that can be included in an Egyptian tomb?

lick me

What are some everyday household items that can be used as natural cleaning products?

There are many everyday household items that one can use as natural cleaning products. This includes items such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.

If some weighed 110 pounds on Earth how much would they weigh on Venus?

if i was 110 pounds then how much would i weigh on venus

How much do apes weigh?

It depends on the category. Some varieties of apes are less than 50 pounds and some are gigantic like the gorillas which weigh around 500 pounds.

What are some everyday household items that operate by hydraulic pressure?

some examples of a hydraulic system of your house old items is a gun turret

What are some objects that weigh 2000 pounds?

There are many things that weigh a ton or 200 pounds. These include very small cars, elephants, whales, and motorcycles.

What are some everyday items that were used in new Zealand in the 1870s?


What are some analogies for endoplasmic reticulum as pertains to everyday items?


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