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Some examples of a cone are an ice cream cone, parking cones, and children's party hats.

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ice-cream cone,birthday cap

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Q: What are some examples of a cone?
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Which solids has a curved surface?

Some examples are a sphere, a cylinder and a cone.

What is another name for cinder cone volcanoes?

Another name for cinder cone volcanoes is a scoria cone volcano. Some examples of cinder cone volcanoes include the Holocene volcano and the Pleistocene volcano.

What are the examples of cinder cone volcanoes in the Philippines?

Some cinder cone volcanoes in the Philippines are Musuan, or Calayao Volcano, and Mayon Volcano.

What are some examples of cone bearing plants?

Some pine trees and Pine cones.

What are some examples of three dimensional shapes?

Cube, pyramid, cone, cylinder.

What are some examples of extinct cinder cone volcanoes?

Cinder cone volcanoes are formed by the buildup of debris from magma ruptures in the earth. Koko Crater is an example of an extinct cinder cone.

What are some examples of spatter cone volcanoes?

Spatter cone volcanoes are also known as tuff cones. Examples of these cones occur on Isla Bartolome, adjacent to the large island of Santiago, Galapagos Islands.

What are examples of nested solids?

three examples of nested solids

What is cone and give example of cone?

A cone is a 3D shape that has 1 face, 1 vertices, and 0 edges and 2 examples are a ice cream cone, a traffic cone and a birthday cap

What are some examples of an acute angle in real life?

One example I know is an ice cream cone.

How do you spell names of 3D shapes?

Some examples are: sphere, cylinder, cuboid, cone, pyramid ... etc

Examples of cinder-cone volcanoes?


What is the examples of cone?

wala cuh cavalo

Examples of cone-bearing plants?

pine and redwood

What are some examples of cinder cone volcanoes?

Mount Paricutin, Mexico Crater Lake (core), Oregon

What is a cone bearing plant?

pine treesCone bearing plants are called conifers. Some common examples of conifers are cedars, spruces, yews, pines, redwoods, cypresses, firs, and junipers.

Example of cone bearing plants?

Conifers are cone bearing seed plants. The Fir, short leaf pine, ginkgo biloba, are examples of cone bearing plants.

What are all example of cone bearing plants?

Examples of cone bearing plants are pine trees, redwoods and Christmas trees.

What are the names of 3 dimensional figures?

The general term is "solid shapes"; some examples are sphere, pyramid, cone, rectangular prism.

Examples of cinder cone volcanoes?

Mount Paricutin in Mexico

What are some things that have the shape as a cone?

ice cream cone

If the view from below the figure is a circle what could the shape be?

Some possible answers: a sphere, a cone, a cylinder, a ellipsoid (end-on), a spiral (like fusili) are some examples.

What are the different volcanic types?

Some examples are shield volcanoes and cone volcanoes. There are more than this, but I'm not very sure. Hope this helped! =)

What are examples of types of volcanoes?

cinder cone,strato,dome,and shield

What objects have curved surfaces?

A cone, cylinder and a sphere are three examples.

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