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My finger were as cold as ice. His eyes were as blue as the sky

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Q: What are some examples of a simlie?
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What is the simlie for busy?

As busy as a bee.

Example of a simlie?

She_is_as_strong_as_an_ox">She is asstrong as an ox

What is the simlie of sad?

As sad as an unjolly man.

What is an epic simlie?

create a epic simile

Is the playground was a beehive at a moment and a sound?

is what a,a simlie or metophor

What is a simlies?

a simlie is using like or as

Is the fireworks were a lantern in the sky a simlie or a metaphor?


What can be a poem for excllence?

a poem for excllence can be a simlie or a metaphore using was or is.

He was as big as a house a metaphor or a simile?


Example of a simlie in romeo and Juliet?

i know this doesnt answer the question but i love that play!!

What is a simlie for people getting off a bus?

The swarming bees fly out of their hive

What does the simlie the clouds looked like puffs of cotten mean?

The clouds looks fluffy.