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examples of animalia

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Q: What are some examples of animalia?
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What is an example of an kingdom animalia?

a few examples of the kingdom animalia is, dog ,cat ,bird ,chicken ,ex...

What is the family of a monkeybiological classification?

There are many different species of monkeys. Some examples are the Barbary Macaue, Animalia, Primates, Cercopithecidae, Macaca and Chordata classifications.

What are some examples of plantae and animalia in taxonomy?

Those are just the latin terms for plants and animals. I'm sure you can give examples of plants and animals from your experience.

What are some examples of members in kingdom anamalia?

Any type of bird, mammal, reptile, anphibian, or fish is a member of the kingdom animalia

What are some animals that are animalia?

All animals are in the kingdom Animalia.

What are examples of a eukaryote?

Animalia ( Animal cell), Plantae (Plant cell), Fungi.

What are some habitats that an animalia can be found in?

Animalia are found in virtually ALL habitats. both on land and inwater.

What kingdom is the black widow spider in?

animal Its actually Animalia

What kind of reproduction is animalia?

If you mean what kind of reproduction occurs in the kingdom animalia there is sexual reproduction, and some invertebrates reproduce by budding.

What Kingdom is the Chinchilla?

The Kingdom would be: Animalia!Animalia

How do you spell animalia?


What kingdom are crabs in?

Animalia Animalia