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Positive integers are whole numbers greater than 0. In other words 1, 2, 3, ...

Negative integers are whole numbers less than zero. Such as -1, -2, -3, ...

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Q: What are some examples of negative and positive integers?
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What are some negative integers between a positive one on the number line?

There are no negative integers between positive ones on the number line.

Can you show some examples of a negative and a positive integers?

negative -145, -125.23, -58 7/12 , -1, -.00035positive14, 284.145 , 4785 8/9

What are examples of integers?

Positive and negative whole numbers: -39, 67, 0, 58, -4 Integers are just negative and positive real numbers and zero. Here is a list: ...... -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, ...... The list continues in both directions.

Where are some examples for subtracting integers?

what are some examples of subtracting integers

Compare and contrast negative and positive feedback mechanisms and give some examples?

positive feedback mechanisms

What are some techniques in playing integers damath?

Let the enemies eat negative no. then multiply it with positive no. so they get super negative score and avoid leaving negative no. on the board

What are natural numbers and their examples?

Natural numbers are positive integers, also known as counting numbers. Some examples are 3, 4, 4359.

Are negative integers considered whole numbers?

It depends. Some authors consider "Whole Numbers" to be the positive integers, some consider them to be the non-negative integers, and some consider them to be all integers. For the first two definitions, numbers like -3 would not be considered "whole numbers". With the last definition, negative numbers like -3 would be considered a "whole number".

Does deposit mean positive or negative in integers?


What are some examples of charged particles?

proton (positive charge) and electron (negative charge)

What set of integers list the natural numbers?

Traditionally, the set of integers that represents the natural numbers is {1,2,3,...}, which are the positive integers. Some people include the non-negative integers as the set of natural numbers, which is {0,1,2,3,...}, and includes 0.

What are some negative integers whose absolute value is greater than 3?

-5, -23. -235689 are three examples.

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